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Keri Ann

Keri Ann Kimball is the founder of Kimball Entertainment LLC. She was inspired to create Kimball Entertainment which is a multimedia company after running an entertainment Co. under a multimedia mogul. Keri Ann has worked alongside many entertainment professionals who have changed the industry and they and others have mentored her over her 25 plus years in Hollywood. Some of her mentors include Robert Evans, Billy Gerber, Cathy Konrad, Rick Ferrari, Keri Selig, Lorenzo Doumani and Randy Jackson. Her vision is to elevate talent to the next level, by managing and producing the artist’s content. Keri Ann Kimball’s K-Star PR Co. allows her to provide additional services to her clients in marketing, branding and PR that is under the umbrella of Kimball Entertainment.

Keri Ann Kimball and Kimball Entertainment are involved in many non-profits. Currently Keri Ann Kimball is on the board of “Rock to Recovery”, “Beauty Gives Back” Advisor to the board, “Brain Mapping Foundation, NASA”, involved with “HER too”, “Creative Waves”, “Wild Aid”, and St. Jude.



Sierra Bonn
Asst to Kimball Entertainment

Sierra Bonn is creative, driven, and  eager to explore the world of marketing, public relations and Entertainment development and production.

Sierra is a senior enrolled at Ithaca College. She is pursuing a degree in cinema production and photography and has gained entertainment experience both behind and in front of the camera. This past year she starred in the short film “Luna” which was selected as an honorable mention in the Ithaca Short Film Festival which was open to both U.S. and international filmmakers.  Sierra has worked as a director, SFX makeup artist, costume designer, and production designer.

Sierra is also pursuing a minor in writing. She has experience writing creatively and professionally.


Recently, she gave a poetry reading at the Handwerker Gallery in Ithaca, N.Y.

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Celine Whelan
Entertainment Development

Celine Whelan graduated Loyola Marymount University with a BA in theater. She’s performed in many plays in Los Angeles (premiered in a reworked and revised version of Crimes of the Heart with Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright Beth Henley), acted in several short films (some of which screened in Cannes Film Festival and film festivals all over the globe), played roles in indie films, and appeared on TV
shows like Shameless.

Having been in and around the entertainment business for the past 12 years (especially in front of the camera) she certainly understands the value of great PR and marketing in a social media world where everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame until the next viral TikTok! Celine believes it’s important to invest in yourself, in your talents and abilities and not be fooled by “overnight successes”. She knows how crucial it is in business to play the long game, build brand awareness and develop a long term relationship with your audience. Celine works closely with Keri Ann on personally helping you establish your media presence with a hands on approach to let the world know you’re not just some flash in the pan, but you, your company, and your brand are irreplaceable and here to stay.



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